DeDalo Real Estate Solutions

Vratislavova 21/26

Obytný dům v centru Prahy.


O projektu Vratislavova 26

  • Use
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Common spaces
  • Total
  • Rentable area
  • 385 m2
  • 135 m2
  • 92 m2
  • 612 m2

Neo-Renaissance building „U Holubů“ was built in 1898 according to the drawings of Josef Hodek. The front façade is richly decorated with stuccoes and painted artworks with figural motifs and pictures of Czech kings. It is situated in the Prague Heritage Preservation, in close vicinity of the Vyšehrad's historical fortifications.

A complete reconstruction of the site, together with an apartment in the loft, has been finished in 2010.


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