Nerudova 245/23

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Nerudova 245/23

Obytný dům v centru Prahy.


O projektu Nerudova 23

  • Use
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Common spaces
  • Total
  • Rentable area
  • 247 m2
  • 58 m2
  • 136 m2
  • 441 m2

This building has been first mentioned in the year 1519. At present, it looks very similar to the original, since it has taken its shape by a paper-cut model elaborated between the years 1826 and 1835 by the painter Antonín Langweil. The ceilings of both the ground floor and the basement are vaulted, the remaining floors have ceilings supported by wooden beams.

The grounds are protected by the Ministry of Culture (Nerudova Street – Mala Strana) and the building itself is listed as a cultural heritage.


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